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Common Services Requested

Full Service Funeral

The body is present, whether the casket is open or not, there is a service held, and the body is driven in a funeral procession to a place of interment. If cremation is selected, then there would be no procession. The Funeral Home would make arrangements to have the body taken to the crematory.

Memorial Service

A service without the body present. This is the case in the event that the body was cremated, or never recovered. An urn or container holding the cremains is usually present.


Is the means of disposition by putting the body in the ground, or interring in a crypt or mausoleum?

Immediate Burial

No service, body is taken to place of interment by Funeral Home staff for burial. There is usually a graveside service.


Is the disposition of the body to ashes, by means of heat.

* People choose cremation for many different reasons: religious, environmental, and economical. If you or someone you know is considering cremation, it’s important to know and understand all of the choices available. You can still have a public viewing if you choose to have a body cremated. It is just an alternative way of disposition.

Immediate Cremation

Body is taken directly to crematory by funeral Home, and cremains delivered to Family.


A facility designed to hold a retort, which is the oven which is used to cremate the body.


The ashes left after the body is cremated.

Arrangement Services

At Need

In the event you have a death in your family, we are available anytime you need us. Just call 570-366-0521.


Most people plan for everything in life, but preplanning your funeral can greatly benefit your loved ones during their grieving process, long after you’re gone.


Is selecting what you would like, yourself. Which releases your family members from the burden of wondering if they “did the right thing”? This helps them during the time of your passing, and will last the rest of their lives.


Is setting aside funds, which are to be used only for your funeral expenses. You can do this on your own or our Funeral Home can assist you.

Obituary Terms


Casket is open. Can be private or public depending on the family’s wishes.

Calling Hours

The time that the public is invited to spend with the family. There are usually calling hours weather there is a body present or not, and even if there is not a service.

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